Look who the wind just blew in! I know I've been extremely MIA lately but surprisingly I've gained 21 new followers! Welcome :) I promise this time I'll keep on top of my post. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Many more post to come in the New Year.


These are actually some gel nails that I did back in November or early December. I used the colored gels that featured in my Ebay Nail Art Supplies post. Just a quick review, their awesome! Not sticky or hard to use at all. They don't have a funky smell or horrible thick. Their perfect. They're also packaged in a nice white container ensuring that they stay fresh.

FAQ on gels:
1) Do I need a UV lamp?
Yes! How else do you expect your nails to cure you silly goose! Granted, there are SOME 'gel' products out there that don't require a UV lamp (like the ASP Light-less Gel Kit) but for the more often than most you'll need a lamp.

2) Can I just use a regular desk lamp?
Someone actually asked me this question. No joke. You need a UV Lamp or the gel won't set. I personally use a 9W but I'm thinking about upgrading to a 36w.

3) Can I just sit outside and wait for it to cure?
Sure. If you're willing to sit out there the whole day :P

4) My nails are sticky after I take them out of the light! What do I do?
Gel cleaner. I've used non-acetone nail polish remover and it works just as good!
If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment :)