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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello blog lovers! It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated you with my mani’s and life in general. I’ve still been painting my nails and taking pictures but I’ve been debating to post them on here because their nubs! A few weeks ago the nail on my index finger split vertically causing me to cut it really short! The just last week my index finger decided to split vertically as well, so I had to cut that down too. Right now their just nubs recovering from a traumatic experience (yeah right!)

On August 19 (Friday) I ordered two of my first pairs of circle lens from koreabigeyes.com, they shipped it out on Sunday (Monday for China). If you’re wondering I ordered the GEO Angel’s in Grey and the GEO (I think it’s GEO) Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey. I will most defiantly be doing a review on both lenses when they come in. I'm really excited!

GEO Angel in Grey

GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

The local store that I get my NYX polishes from FINALLY stocked their newer colors. They raised the price to $1.49 from $0.99 but that’s still cheap. I got ten new colors that I will most definitely need to swatch for my NYX Swatch page. I'll be posting pictures and names of the ones I purchased in a later post.

Here's a few mani's that I did in the past few days (don't mind the ugly index finger!)

Tried doing a space nails and failed miserably :P

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey everyone! I'm finally getting around to reviewing some gels that are off of ebay! Now, I know how much you ladies love glitter so I purchased the glitter gel set. I'm lucky enough to have a store in my area that sells items off of ebay, it's the same place I purchased my $0.99 rhinestones from :)

Overall, I like them.However, some gels were really sticky and hard to work with but I added more clear gel to fix the problem. It's not smelly at all but does have an odor, but nothing unbearable. For most of the gels what you see in the pot is what you'll see on your nails, but there are a few that apply sheer (like jelly nail polish). All of them have a base of clear gel with color dust and glitter added.

Application was fairly easy and simple. You could get away with one coat but if you're like me and get excited by glitter then two coats will fill that need. Make sure to apply clear gel over the glitter to smooth everything out.

Steps to applying gel -
1) Bonder / Base gel (I didn't do this step since I was only swatching on nail wheels)
2) First coat of glitter
3) Cure for 1 min. 15 seconds (time will depend on UV lamp)
4) Second coat of glitter
5) Cure
6) Clear gel
7) UV topcoat

These do not come named or numbered so I decided to do both.

Although the packaging says 'EZFlow', it's not. Actually it's far from it. As you can see, the label on the left it's letters are cut off.

01 Crystal Ball - Clear gel with small iridescent and white glitters.

02 Dorothy's Shoes - Gorgeous red with medium hexagon and small glitters

03 Hot hot hot! - Small red and gold glitters, not much glitter was added to this red.

04 Your Highness - Small silver hexagon and iridescent glitters.

05 Lollipop - This is one of those 'jelly' like gels. In the pot it looks hot pink but came out to be a softer shade of pink. This has small blue and pink glitters giving it a light duo chrome effect.

06 I want a gold ring! - This is more holographic in person. Amazingly gold glitter with a whole lotta holo and gold glitter.

07 Too tan? - You're everyday gold glitter. This doesn't have any color dust. It's clear gel with tons of small bronze and gold glitter.

08 Lemon drop - This is just like 01 Crystal Ball, clear gel with small iridescent and white glitters but with yellow color dust.

09 For Hermin - This is just like 01 Crystal Ball, clear gel with small iridescent and white glitters. but with green color dust.

10 My baby Felix - This is just like 02 Gorgeous red with medium hexagon and small glitters but with magenta or purple color dust.

11 Glitter makes me happy - Tons of purple glitter in clear gel

12 Not your everyday Purple - The glitters are a lot finer in this pot.

13 I like blue - Small silver hexagon, iridescent and blue glitters

14 Black Cat - This is just like 01 Crystal Ball, clear gel with small iridescent and white glitters. but with black color dust.

Clear and Pink lina gel off of ebay. I'm not a fan of the pink gel, that's why it's still full. It doesn't give much of a natural pink tint to your nails. The clear gel works perfectly.

Storage -
I cannot stress to you enough to store your gels standing up to avoid leakage. Most of the gels I received leaked causing them to be very hard to open. If this does happen use the highest percentage of alcohol (drugstore) to clean up.

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