The last thing that comes to mind when thrifting is nail polish, but you'll be surprised in what hidden gems you can find.  I almost feel bad for the people who donate them. When I first walk in I go straight to the display case that holds the nail polish.  This might sound odd to some of you but I love not knowing what colors will be there waiting for me.  My local Goodwill sells them individually for $0.99.  So far, I've collected quite a few thrifted polishes, some older and more beat up than others but still amazing finds.

Here are some of my tips when thrifting for nail polish:
1) Location
It's ideal to shop at a thrift store that's in town / major city. That's where all the goods are, mainly because it's going to be in the middle of everything and everyone.
More donations = more chances of their being polishes.
I shop and four different Goodwill's and only one out of the four actually sell a nice selection of polishes.

2) Shopping list
Keep your shopping list at home. Don't walk into Goodwill thinking you'll find Clarin's 230 because you probably won't. Go with an open mind.

3) It's in the display case!
Can't find the polishes? Look in the display case or behind the counter, chances are it's there.

4) Thinner!
Be sure to have thinner on hand, the last thing you want is to find a gorgeous bottle and not be able to use it because it's too think. Majority of the polishes that are donated will probably be thick because the previous owner didn't know what to do with them. Don't let ANYONE tell you polish expires because it doesn't. Yes, it gets thick but thinner makes it a simple easy fix.
If you ever go to heavy on the thinner just leave the polish open for a few minutes to thicken it back up.

My Finds:

The other day I found four Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (names listed below photo), I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when I saw these laying there.  I didn't know what these colors actually looked like but I decided to pick them up anyway because even if they weren't the correct color they were still beautiful.  When I got home I decided to look up the colors, all of them seemed to match the pictures except Purple Diamond, which is more of a dusty muted holo blue.

(left to right) Emerald Amethyst, Ruby Sapphire, Purple Diamond (tampered with), Garnet Lapis
L.A Girls Enchanting, CND Jiggy, OPI Sahara Saphire, Maybelline Emerald Frost, Wet 'n' Wild Pink Sheen
Jessica Tiger eye, Wet 'n' Wild Confetti Glitter