I swear, this year is flying by extremely fast.  By the time we all know it it's going to be Christmas!

Just some things:
Added 15 new NYX Girls Swatches, which can be found in this blog post or on this page.  Doesn't matter which you go to, they both have the same thing :)

Enough boring and on to the nail art!

I'm not too excited to show you this mani, in fact I was on the rocks on whether if I should post it or not.  The pictures just came out too glossy looking (if that's ever a bad thing) and my poor camera didn't capture all the details of my work.  Boo!  My over all feeling of this nail art is just sloppy and I don't usually have those days.

Pinky: Patch Work
Ring: Frankenstein (fail)
Middle: Spooky Tree, this actually came out pretty decent
Pointed:  Head Stone
Thumb:  Witches Cauldron, my favorite!  The only one that came out nice