A few days ago I mentioned that I ordered from koreabigeyes.com well, I finally got my package in. I ordered them on August 19 and they got to my house two weeks later on September 3. In this review I'm going to break down what I think about the site, the ease or ordering, shipping, package, etc.

*10 being the highest

The website and ease- 6/10
The web layout is a girls fantasy land of Pink, lace and glitter. At first arrive I thought it was a bit hard to navigate because it's different from how other circle lens shops are laid out but it's unique. After about 5 minutes I figured out how to navigate.

Pricing (product and shipping) - 10/10
If you're anything like me then you'll look high and low for a company that delivers quality product for a small price. I was in between another company and koreabigeyes. However, when I totaled up my shipping with the other company I noticed they had standard 2 weeks shipping for $15! No way! koreabigeyes not only had affordable contacts but their standard 2 weeks shipping was only $5!
As for the contacts, the Princess Mimi ones were $22.00 and the Geo Angel's were $20. PLUS they had a August promo going out for 10% off your entire purchase deducting $4.20 and giving me the total of $42.80 (I would have spent $58.00 at the other site). Happy customer status!

Order - 10/10
Ordering was a breeze! You pay with Paypal which is a huge plus in my books. The ordering form was the usual name, adress etc. However, if you have prescription for your eyes then you selected your power BEFORE adding the item to cart. When you are ready to check out you should see the power you have selected for both your left and right eye.

Shipping - 10/10
There really isn't much to complain about. It's not koreabigeyes' fault that the Hong Kong post was taking a century to have it go through customs! I ordered them on a Friday (Saturday in Hong Kong) and they were shipped on Sunday (Monday for Hong Kong). If you're a frequent ebay buyer like me then you would completely understand the two week wait, your package goes through customs and is traveling half way around the world.

Packaging - 7/10
It was packed in a nice sturdy box, not those flimsy bubble mailers. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't use any fillers to prevent my contacts and contact case from shifting around. Both pairs were wrapped amazingly well in bubble wrap, I had to use a blade to cut it open because it was too thick.

Overall product satisfaction - 20/10!!!
I love them! The contacts make my eyeballs look huge! I would most defiantly recommend both the Geo Angel and Princess Mimi to anyone.

Geo Angel in Grey
Diameter - 14mm
Water Content - 38%
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Replacement - Period 1 year
Overall - These have a bit of getting use to, they feel a tad bit thicker then my usual lens. After awhile the irritating stopped and I couldn't even feel them.

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi)
Diameter - 15mm
Water Content - 38%
Base Curve - 8.7mm
Replacement - Period 1 year
Overall - Amazingly comfortable, especially for a 15mm. I popped them right in and couldn't feel them at all, they felt super natural.