Hello blog lovers! It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated you with my mani’s and life in general. I’ve still been painting my nails and taking pictures but I’ve been debating to post them on here because their nubs! A few weeks ago the nail on my index finger split vertically causing me to cut it really short! The just last week my index finger decided to split vertically as well, so I had to cut that down too. Right now their just nubs recovering from a traumatic experience (yeah right!)

On August 19 (Friday) I ordered two of my first pairs of circle lens from koreabigeyes.com, they shipped it out on Sunday (Monday for China). If you’re wondering I ordered the GEO Angel’s in Grey and the GEO (I think it’s GEO) Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey. I will most defiantly be doing a review on both lenses when they come in. I'm really excited!

GEO Angel in Grey

GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

The local store that I get my NYX polishes from FINALLY stocked their newer colors. They raised the price to $1.49 from $0.99 but that’s still cheap. I got ten new colors that I will most definitely need to swatch for my NYX Swatch page. I'll be posting pictures and names of the ones I purchased in a later post.

Here's a few mani's that I did in the past few days (don't mind the ugly index finger!)

Tried doing a space nails and failed miserably :P