Yesterday morning on my way to work I found a loose dogs in my block. Usually we don't have a loose / stray dog problem, so I picked him up because it was pouring out. Went back home and put him in an extra cage I had. He didn't have a collar. I figure, I'd wait until the next day just in case the owner comes around looking, because the last time someone did. And the Humane Society is already closed in my area.

I decided to give the dog a bath because it seemed...fragile? Like it's never seen compassion before or that trainer to dog bond, you know? Cleaned it up and found 20+ ticks on it! This really made me mad because whoever the owner was obviously didn't take care of it! I fed it some dog food and it ate like it's never eaten before! Horrible.

Long story short, You know what happens if he doesn't get adopted, knowing this my heart just broke and started crying on my way to the shelter. I think he knew some thing was wrong because he started lick my face when I was crying. Long story short, I last minute posted his picture on facebook asking any of my friends if they want him...THANKFULLY, my military friend said her husband wanted him. So I met up with them and handed it to the hubby, he was very happy. She called me earlier and told me that those two were already attached! Haha. Honestly? I'd rather him going to a loving family where he's INSIDE a warm house then outside in the cold weather.
Oh, they named him Marko :)

This is the pup:

Please please PLEASE, if you see a loose animal on the road that usually isn't a problem in your area then call your local shelter or bring it to the shelter. It's an hour of your life and you'll feel ten times better. In my case, dogs are rarely loose and there are not stray dogs like there are stray cats in my area.

The other day I picked up some Island Girl and Hard Candy polishes: