Sorry if my last post didn't make sense at all or it sound like I was 'lost'. It was only 8:30PM when I wrote that and finals just drained every single piece of energy out of my body. My eyes were literally closing while I was typing.

The other day I purchased the OPI Serina Williams Glam Slam duo in Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter. I applied it right when I got home and wasn't all the wowed by it. Rally Pretty Pink is pretty but something I could live without. Plus, it looked more purple then pink. Red Shatter is a really pretty Jelly finish shatter which I wasn't expecting. Like the rest of OPI's shatter polish it got goopey by the time I was done with my first hand. The solution to the goopeyness is just to roll it around a few times and the goop is gone. I wish it wouldn't do that though. Needless to say, unlike the OPI Silver Shatter, the Red Shatter shattered really nicely like the Black Shatter did. Overall, you can find another company that's doing the crackle/shatter thing for less, in my opinion...go with them

Neoplaza was selling it for $15.99 but it was only sale for $12.00

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