Bring on the HOLO! Last night, I did and re-did my mani at least 3 times in one hour! I just wasn't feelin' any of it. First mani was OPI 'William Tell Me About OPI' and Claire's 'Poison Apple'. I was very disappointed in Poison Apple because it's suppose to be the duo-chrome but the yellow wasn't pronounced enough! Boo. It totally slipped my mind to take pictures of my first mani. Anyways, even if I was unsatisfied I decided to top it with my Seche Vite and for some reason my SV just wasn't drying! I thinned it out with Seche Restore a few days back and it did not restore it back to it's normal self, although it did thin it :( Boo, again. I removed that whole mani and applied Color Club's 'Pucci-Licious' and OPI 'Significant Other Colors', yet again it just didn't look right! Removed that and just decided to go with Color Club's 'Revvvolution' which is a gorgeous dark Holo :) And I stuck with it!

Color Club 'Pucci-Licious' and OPI 'Significant Other Colors'

Color Club 'Revvvolution'

Toodles <3