This past week I found some real gems while dusting. If you don't know what 'dusting' is, in the nail world it means:

Dusties are nail salons and beauty supply stores with old polish stock that sits so long in the store that it literally has collected dust.
-What Is Dusting? By LolaB (article here)

Today I went by a local nail supply store in Hawaii called Kali's. It's a small quiet store with every professional nail polish brand you can think of (except OPI). The store is owned by Kali and her husband, a very friendly couple that provides superb customer service, and the best I've seen at that. The best part of this supply store is that every once a week or every two weeks Kali fills up her $2 bin! YES! A $2 bin with discontinued or old packaged nail polish! I picked up the Jessica Hot Flashes Mood Changing nail polish, Orly and CND.

On Monday I went to a shop in Waikiki named Neoplaza. They sell everything from herbal supplement to cute little trinkets and my most favorite, nail polish! The one thing that will keep me coming back to Neoplaza is their prices. They sell Nubar, OPI, Kleancolor, Orly and Zoya way under suggested retail price. I almost fainted. The OPI regular price for them is $6.95 but was on sale for $5. Can you say score? I picked up three OPI's in the back of my pocket, That's Hot! Pink and Significant Other Colors. For some reason, they had some Nubar colors on clearance or marked down for $3.99 so I decided to pick up two and also two kleancolors.

(left to right) In the back of my pocket, That's Hot! Pink, Significant Other Colors, DS Amethyst (swapped) and CG GR8 (Swapped)

Has anyone seen these before? I have some Jessica polishes but I've never see these before! There mood changing. Local beauty supply store was selling it for only $2 so I decided to pick up most of the colors

Patient Pink - Light Pink to White, Volatile Violet - Violet to Pink, Lusty Lilac - Lilac to Silver, Paranoid Purple - Purple to Pink, Fearless Fushia - Fushia to Pink

Get a Grip, Reality Check, I Don't Think So

Limited Edition, Baroque

Blush Diamond, Fire Opal

Super Natural Gold, Mystique Aqua

Holo Orange, Holo Blue

Aloha Luau, Hula Girl

nocti's B08 (never heard of this brand), Zoya Ivanka (swapped)

Toodles <3