Premier Nail

So if you watched my last nail haul video then you’d know that I made a big purchase with them the first time I ordered with this site. I’m glad to say that I am pleased with them, exactly ECSTATIC! Since my last haul I’ve order from them twice. Their customer service is amazing, I’ve contacted them three times to ask about their products and they responded back to me that day.

This site is honestly amazing and if they had a store, I’d be the first customer inside. They have items for professional nail techs to guys and gals who just love nail polish or decal. I do my cousins, moms and my nails all the time so when I needed some new nail implements and sanitary products the first place I went to was Premier Nail Source. Shipping is nothing that will make your wallet cry with a FLAT RATE PRICE OF $2.95 (for residential areas)! And their not like other companies that try to pack all your items in one box to save money. My first order came in two different packages with A LOT of packing peanuts to ensure nothing cracks or spills. I was very pleased.

Unlike other companies, Primer Nail Source does indeed ship nail polish to Hawaii and trust me this is a HUGE plus in my book. Not only am I getting cheap China Glaze, I’m also getting the convenience of picking it out in the comfort of my own home without feeling rushed.

Just to compare with the best, I walked into Sally’s Beauty Supply store the other day and I was AMAZED at the prices! The whole time I was walking through the store I was thinking to myself “I saw this on Premier Nail Source and it was way cheaper!”. Just to show and prove to you the competition here’s a comparison:

INM Northern Lights Holographic Topcoat:

Sally’s Beauty Supply (see HERE)- .5 oz or 1/2oz for $6.49 (without Sally’s Card)

Premier Nail Source (see HERE) - .5oz or 1/2oz for $4.95

And may I add that if you see anywhere else cheaper Premier Nail Source will match or even beat the price. PLUS shipping is only $2 (no weight limit!)

Here are some pictures of my last order :):

Very nicely packaged and A LOT of packing peanuts to ensure nothing spills or cracks.

1. Nail Art Paint Set 6ct in PEARL (left) and PRIMARY (right) - $2.95 EA.
2. Buy one get on FREE Rapidcure 9-Watt UV Bulb - $4.95 one, 2nd one was FREE.
3. Polish Display Board - $1.00
4. Porcelain Dappen Dish w/ Lid - $1.00 (Sally’s $3.49 See HERE)
5. Sanding Sticks 12ct - $1.00 (Sally’s $0.39EA. 12 for $4.68 See HERE)
6. Rubber Polish Holder 2ct - $1.00
7. Sanding Bands 100ct in Medium Grit - $3.95
8. Tech Tools Cuticle Pusher / Pterygium Remover - $2.95
9. Nail Basix Flat Sable Acrylic Brush - $1.00
10. Nail Basix Single Spring Cuticle Nipper - $3.95
11. Star Nail Deluxe Metal Acrylic Brush - $1.00
12. 3 Empty Rhinestone Wheel (12 Slots) - $0.39 EACH ($1.17 for 3)

They sell everything you need from a wide range of brands of acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, nail decal, practice fingers, wheels, CND, China Glaze, Color Club and the list goes on!

Check them out at