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Thursday, March 31, 2011

For some reason right around this time every year I do Anchor designs. No idea why.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mabuhay! I apologize for such the long delay on this haul. I did want to post pictures while I was on my vacation but internet connection was really slow, and let's just say that I'm not the most patient person in the world. On to the haul!
FYI: PHP is Philippine Peso and USD ($) is United States Dollar.

(Right to Left);
4u2 I-PRO Professional Eye Makeup Palette in MODERN (Will do review) - 994PHP OR $22.89
EverBelina 24 Eyeshadow Palette - 375PHP OR
Careline Glitter Eye Liner in CLEAR - 54PHP (reg. 90PHP) OR $1.24 (reg. 2.07)
Careline Glitter Eye Liner in VIOLET - 54PHP (reg. 90PHP) OR $1.24 (reg. 2.07)
Careline Glitter Eye Liner in TEAL - 54PHP (reg. 90PHP) OR $1.24 (reg. 2.07)
HengFang Lash Enamel Glamorous Mascara - 54.95PHP OR $1.27
HengFang Volume Glamorous Mascara - 54.95PHP OR $1.27
HengFang Pure Witchery Dip Liner (cute name right?) - 54.95PHP OR $1.27

(Right to Left);
4u2 Dreamgirl Blush in Shinning Through
Careline Oil Control Peach Glow - 80PHP OR $1.84
Careline Oil Control Blush Charming Pink - 80PHP OR $1.84
Careline Oil Control Blush Rosy Cheek - 80PHP OR $1.84
MAC Hello Kitty Knock off - 40PHP OR $0.92
*Even though this is a knock off the color payoff is surprisingly good! It's the same pan size as a regular MAC blush, so it fits nicely in my blush palette :)

(Top to Bottom);
Careline Lip Gloss in 102 - 60PHP OR $1.38
Careline Lip Gloss in 107 - 60PHP OR $1.38

(Left to Right);
3D Clay Stickers - 59.75PHP OR $1.38
Black Jewels - 34.95 PHP OR $0.80
Silver Jewels - 34.95 PHP OR $0.80
Caronia Nail Polish - 30.35 PHP OR $0.70
Pearls - 29.95PHP OR $0.69
Nail Stickers - 19.95PHP OR $0.46
Nail Stickers - 19.95PHP OR $0.46

I also got a purse and a ring that I forgot to take a picture of -____-" Will post up as soon as I snap a picture of it :)

xox Caryn

Hey everyone! Took me a week to get back into 'real' life. I've got some sweet Asian cosmetics to show and review for you that. I'll try to get the haul up by tomorrow or this weekend!

xox Caryn

Friday, March 4, 2011

I have internet!

Good morning from the Philippine's!
It's already been one week since I've left home and I'm missing it more and more everyday. I can't begin to tell you how much of a culture shock I'm still in.

Shopping is AMAZING here! Everything converted in US dollars is really cheap. If any of you are wondering my family is from San Nicolas (in Laoag). They opened their first mall here not too long ago, Robinson's Mall. Long story short I went there on Thursday, I have to admit that it's fairly small compared to the malls in the US but all I was worried about is "Do they have a Cosmetic Section?" Thankfully yes! I finally got to pick up a contest prize for my 350 subbie contest :) Just a little hint on what it is, if any of you watch ItsJudyTime she had Philippine's haul and one item that she bought was an The Ever Bilena Advanced Eyeshadow Palette with 24 shades (HERE to see palette and HERE to see itsjudytime's video) I think that was about P375.00 which is $8.49 EACH (I bought 2 haha) Can you say DEAL?

Hopefully I'll be able to buy more great stuff for you guys! :)

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