Hey guys!

Sorry for being MIA for the past week or so (again). I’ve being packing and repacking, organizing my luggage and hand carry! I can’t believe I leave in one day! I just came on here to talk about some major issue’s and problems I’ve ran into within the past week.

If you are traveling via Philippine Airlines (PAL) please be aware that you do have a CARRY ON WEIGHT LIMIT OF 15lbs (AFTER packing). On their site they are very vague regarding the baggage, which frustrated me quiet a lot. By the layout or wording on their baggage section (HERE) regarding ‘Handcarried Baggage’ they do not specify if the 15lbs are before or after you’ve packed. But indeed, you’re carry on has to be 15lbs. The usual weight limit for carry on’s are 40lbs (Delta, Continental, American Airlines. See list HERE). But it makes sense why they lowered the carry on weight limit because if you look at the luggage limit it is 70lbs! Wow right?

Since the weight limit is 15lbs I would recommend using a backpack or duffel bag, since it’s lighter and less bulky. I switched my carry on luggage (that is seen in my ‘Carry On Video’) to a backpack. After I emptied my carry on luggage I weight it [with a niffty luggage scale] and hot damn the carry on ITSELF (totally empty) was 10lbs! When I filed my backpack up and weight it the weight was only 12lbs!

Another thing that ticked me off was that they do not specify what a ‘Small Handbag’ is. You guys know that I LOVE big / roomy bags and to me that kind of bag is ‘small’ but to someone else they could be huge! Catch my drift? So if anyone from PAL is reading this please provide measurements to what you consider a ‘Small Handbag.’ That would be greatly appreciate. I also emailed them regarding the maximum measurements for a ‘Small Handbag’. Whoever replied to me obviously did not understand the question because they gave me the measurements of the hand carry.

P.S Don’t worry I have a few more videos to do before I leave :) I’m going to be on a video making /uploading / editing spree tomorrow! Hopefully I get some internet in the P.I!