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Monday, December 5, 2011

A sneak peak at my Christmas Tree

If you've purchased nail art items from ebay before then you already know that there are thousands of sellers. With over 121,030+ items in the Nail Art section alone it might be a little overwhelming. With that much items to sift through it might be hard to choose what you want.

Ebay Tips:
1) ALWAYS use Paypal
If you don't already have a Paypal account you might want to consider signing up for one. It's 100% free to sign up, very easy and safe. Paypal allows you to shop online without directly giving up your credit / debit card information.

2) Find the deals!
If you want to find the best deals for a certain item then consider sorting by 'Price + Shipping: lowest first'. You'll be surprised on what you can find for $1.00 :)

3) Pay as soon as you buy
Would you want your bills to pile up in real life? No! Right when you win a bid / buy an items pay for it ASAP! Your item will ship sooner and you won't have to worry about it.

4) Be patient
Most of the nail items that are sold on ebay are from China or Hong Kong. If you're located in the U.S then it'll take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for your item to get to you.

5) Sooner than later
If there's a problem with your item contact the seller and explain to him / her that the item you received was damaged / defected. Most sellers are very understanding and will try to accommodate you.

The Goodies!
China Glaze nail polish in 'Glittering Garland' and 'Tinsel Town'
extresport702 - $5.40ea. (free shipping)
40pc Resin Flower Flatback Cabochons
ai$1971 - $1.99
1,500 3.0mm Rhinestones
whatwears-uk - $0.99 (free shipping)
1,300 Baby pearls
qiandingzsatisfaction - $1.00 (free shipping)
1,000 4.0mm Rhinestones
fastars - $0.99 (free shipping)
20pc Pink 3D bows
newkitty116 - $0.99
12pc UV Gel
tamanala - BEST OFFER of $4.00
*I'll be doing a separate review on these

Friday, December 2, 2011

Where the heck have I been the whole November?! I don't know even know! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuffed yourself with some yummy pumpkin pie and turkey. I know I did! I also hope you did some awesome nail art. Let me know in the comments what your Thanksgiving colors were. As for me, I was sick most of November and did feel up to painting my nails anything festive. Boo. I haven't even been on Makeupalley or any other of the nail forums. Can you believe it? I love December. I can't wait until it gets closer to Christmas so I can do more Christmas themed nail art.

Enough rambling! This is the nail art I did for this week. I wanted to do something that had a hint of Christmas but nothing too showy. When I was in the Philippines I saw numerous ladies with this design on their toes and I thought it would be something quick and easy.

Base color I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Folkart acrylic paint in 660 Metallic Pure Gold


So what do you think? What are some of the Christmas colors you're sporting?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The last thing that comes to mind when thrifting is nail polish, but you'll be surprised in what hidden gems you can find.  I almost feel bad for the people who donate them. When I first walk in I go straight to the display case that holds the nail polish.  This might sound odd to some of you but I love not knowing what colors will be there waiting for me.  My local Goodwill sells them individually for $0.99.  So far, I've collected quite a few thrifted polishes, some older and more beat up than others but still amazing finds.

Here are some of my tips when thrifting for nail polish:
1) Location
It's ideal to shop at a thrift store that's in town / major city. That's where all the goods are, mainly because it's going to be in the middle of everything and everyone.
More donations = more chances of their being polishes.
I shop and four different Goodwill's and only one out of the four actually sell a nice selection of polishes.

2) Shopping list
Keep your shopping list at home. Don't walk into Goodwill thinking you'll find Clarin's 230 because you probably won't. Go with an open mind.

3) It's in the display case!
Can't find the polishes? Look in the display case or behind the counter, chances are it's there.

4) Thinner!
Be sure to have thinner on hand, the last thing you want is to find a gorgeous bottle and not be able to use it because it's too think. Majority of the polishes that are donated will probably be thick because the previous owner didn't know what to do with them. Don't let ANYONE tell you polish expires because it doesn't. Yes, it gets thick but thinner makes it a simple easy fix.
If you ever go to heavy on the thinner just leave the polish open for a few minutes to thicken it back up.

My Finds:

The other day I found four Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (names listed below photo), I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when I saw these laying there.  I didn't know what these colors actually looked like but I decided to pick them up anyway because even if they weren't the correct color they were still beautiful.  When I got home I decided to look up the colors, all of them seemed to match the pictures except Purple Diamond, which is more of a dusty muted holo blue.

(left to right) Emerald Amethyst, Ruby Sapphire, Purple Diamond (tampered with), Garnet Lapis
L.A Girls Enchanting, CND Jiggy, OPI Sahara Saphire, Maybelline Emerald Frost, Wet 'n' Wild Pink Sheen
Jessica Tiger eye, Wet 'n' Wild Confetti Glitter

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!
I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Halloween.  

The other day I mentioned to you that my creative juices weren't flowing this year but I think that's because I'm the type of nail art addict that doesn't like to do the same design on every nail.  I was thinking so hard on what to do for each nail that I didn't end up doing anything!  Well, the yesterday I took every symbol of Halloween and jam packed them onto my nails!  I had tons of fun doing this mani and every nail is different.  Defiantly my favorite mani for the Halloween season.

Cat on a fence, Mummy's wraps, Spider, Vampire teeth, Grave stone
This is one of my favorite designs.
Spider Web, Frankie, Cauldron, Dripping blood, Pumpkin.
I did a cauldron in my ...toil in trouble post but didn't like how it turned out, decided to do it again with colors that went better with each other.  
I named him frankie :P

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yikes!  Two more days until Halloween?  First of all, I apologize for not banging out enough Halloween  nail art, I guess the juices weren't flowing this year.  Secondly, in my last post I mentioned that I updated my 'Eye Spy new L.A Colors' post but failed to actually update it.  Oops.  Well, it's now updated with a comparison of L.A Colors Catus and Butter London's Wallis if you wanna go ahead and check out out.

Without further adieu, this past week I was sporting a black and red mani.  I'm not big on the black and red combo, it's too goth for my taste but very appropriate for Halloween!  I started off with two coats of Wet 'n' Wild's Black Creme and two coats of NYX Dorothy.  For my accent nail I started off with two coats of NYX Girls Bloody Mary, stripped it with Wet 'n' Wild's Black Creme and used Wet 'n' Wild's French White for the skull.

Not a huge fan of how my skull came out, it kind of looks like a walrus :/


Friday, October 21, 2011

I swear, this year is flying by extremely fast.  By the time we all know it it's going to be Christmas!

Just some things:
Added 15 new NYX Girls Swatches, which can be found in this blog post or on this page.  Doesn't matter which you go to, they both have the same thing :)

Enough boring and on to the nail art!

I'm not too excited to show you this mani, in fact I was on the rocks on whether if I should post it or not.  The pictures just came out too glossy looking (if that's ever a bad thing) and my poor camera didn't capture all the details of my work.  Boo!  My over all feeling of this nail art is just sloppy and I don't usually have those days.

Pinky: Patch Work
Ring: Frankenstein (fail)
Middle: Spooky Tree, this actually came out pretty decent
Pointed:  Head Stone
Thumb:  Witches Cauldron, my favorite!  The only one that came out nice

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I went to Wal-Mart the other day in search for some limited edition Halloween Polish, I was unsuccessful.   I did however pick up some cool glow in the dark polish from the brand Salon Perfect (Yes, the eyelash brand).  They had a display for the new Footloose film with (I'm assuming) nail polishes inspired from the film.  There were about 6 or 7 shades for crackle none of which were appealing to me.  All the colors were 2.99.

Just a heads up I did update my NYX Swatches post and page with 15 new colors and a new way to look at each color that's hopefully a lot easier.  Let me know if you like it!

I decided to do a 'Claw' mani.  In real light it looks like a regular tape manicure but when you turn off the lights it has an amazing effect (see picture below).  Base color is Fright Night Claw Polish in Poison (Halloween 2011) and the glow polish is Salon Perfect in Glow In The Dark.

Zoya Ivanka
No Glow - Flash

Zoya Ivanka
Glow! - No Flash, Low Light

If you don't already know, anything that glows in the dark needs to be charged with light to give off a bright glow.  While I was trying to take the 'Glow' photo I was pointing a flash light at my nails to 'charge' them, quickly turning off the flash light and snapping a picture.  Most of the pictures I took were blurry because of the low light or not as bright.  If you do have a glow polish or stickers that don't glow at night try holding it up to a florescent light for about a minute then turning off all the lights.  Trust me, you'll be amazed.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ah yes, 31 spooktacular days until All Hallows' Eve. Why not start kicking off some Halloween nail art now? This whole month I will be attempting to do nothing but Halloween mani's, something I haven't done before. Whether it's doing nail art or just sporting the colors. All I can tell you is by the end of this month I will be so over Black and Orange. Just kidding.

Yesterday was my birthday (September 30th) and I had no idea what to do, I knew I wanted do something I haven't done before and something out of the ordinary. I was chilling on Tumblr when I came across this post. I loved it!
Zoya Ivanka

L.A Splash NudeL.A Splash Nude (base color) - This color is absolutely not a nude on my NC43 skin. It is a creme finish. The formula could be a lot better, it's very thick but runny. Not a huge fan of the bottle shape or the long applicator. However, this color is very pigmented and you could defiantly get away with one coat. Have you tried L.A Splash nail polish? What do you think about it?
NYX Bloody MaryNYX Girls Bloody Mary (splatter color) - If you don't already know, I love NYX Girls polishes. Their cheap, formula is amazing and they have a huge color range. Bloody Mary is the perfect blood red color, it is a jelly finish making it even more realistic and amazing. As much as I love these polishes, they are not 3 Free, but they are cruelty free!

Zoya Ivanka
If you're wondering what that skull sticker is on my middle finger it came from this pack from Wal-Mart in the Halloween (or Seasonal) section.  They are not flimsy at all and for a $1.97 I will defiantly be stocking up!

Monday, September 26, 2011

topcoats & basecoats

When your nail polish peels or chips the first thing you blame is the nail polish itself. Most of the time the nail polish isn't even the problem, it's your base coat or top coat. Having a good foundation is one key to a good manicure. I've used numerous top coats and base coats in search for the ones that work best for me. No to low chips, dries fast, ridge filler, hardens and strengthens. Sounds like a miracle product right? Nope! Here are a few that I've tried that work best in no particular order.

Base Coats:

  Essie First Base - If you're looking for a base coat with no special enhancements (no ridge filler, strengthener etc.) then this is one base coat to look into. I've experienced no peeling but slight chipping and no staining. On application you will notice that it is thinner then a regular nail polish making the application a lot easier, if you have ridges then this is not the base coat for you. It is a bit sticky, which I like, I find that the sticker they are allows the nail polish to adhere to the nail a lot better. It does have a blue tinge to it in the bottle but applies clear.  NOT 3 Free
Essie Protein - Defiantly look into this base coat if your nails are peeling and weak. I absolutely adore this product. I've experienced very minimum chipping, no peeling and no staining. It's thicker then Essie First Base and has the consistency of a  regular nail polish.  It doesn't fill the ridges of your nail to a smooth finish but it gets the job done. This product would be ideal for thin brittle nails that are in dire need of a health boost. NOT 3 Free

 Nail Magic Flawless Ridge Filler - If you need ridges that need filling then give this product a go. I don't particularly have very deep ridges but I do have them!  This product dries to a smooth finish. The formula is thicker then most base coats but is very easy to apply. I experienced no staining, the usually wear at the free edge and no peeling.  3 Free!


 Top Coats:

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails -  If applied with the correct base coat I can expect no chipping or peeling within a five day period. This product is a hardener which is ideal for those with brittle or weak nails that are easily bent. Then formula is thinner then a regular polish but I noticed it gradually getting thicker within three full manicure uses (that's me painting my nails 30 times). To fix this problem just give it a simple roll or apply a drop or two of thinner. Not 3 Free

Seche Vite -  Ah, the infamous Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.  This is one of the best fast dry top coats out there and for its price, it's worth it.  This is my second bottle of this amazing product.  You defiantly can get away with wearing just one coat.  It finishes with a high glass like shine and dries quickly.  This can cause shrinkage to your nail polish / design so users beware.  Chipping is minimal if wore with the right base coat and I've experienced no peeling.   When applying this product make sure you're in a very well ventilated area.  Not 3 Free

What is your favorite top coat(s) and / or base coat(s)?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zombie Zest
Indoor, with flash

China Glaze Zombie Zest was released in the Awakening 2010 Halloween Collection.  It is brown based mossy yellow green with micro gold glass flecks.  Think swamp green, but with loads of gold flecks!  Oh how I love glass flecks.   Be aware that this is a jelly finish and one application won't give you the most opaque coverage, it took me about three to get it to my liking.  I experienced no trouble applying this polish and the formula did not get sticky during application process.  When dried the glitter leaves no texture leaving my manicure nice and smooth.

Zombie Zest
Outdoor, no flash

If you're like me and passed this color up last year you can defiantly still get it on Amazon.

Where you smart enough to snatch up this color + the others last Halloween?  What's your favorite Halloween shade?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm the type of nail polish addict who loves to paint the season. Pastels in Spring, Neons / brights in Summer, Muted colors in Fall and the Classic Red, Gold and Green during Winter. Here is my round up on some stable colors for me this season.

Just a heads up, the colors I'm about to mention doesn't necessarily mean that there this years trend or 'in' color. This is just my opinion on what I think best suites fall.

Browns & Gray: I can't tell you how much I love Gray during this time of year. The weather is finally cooling down and the only thing I want on my nails is a color to match the weather. Gray's are a perfect shade to wear during Fall and a definite replacement if you don't own a nude shade. One of my absolute favorites in NYX Girls 'The Taupe' (Swatch).

Browns & Gray's
Color Club Revvvolution, NYX The Taupe, Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold, Sinful Color Nirvana, China Glaze Ingrid, Nubar Chocolate Caramel (reminds me of Thanksgiving)

Sometimes you need a little pop of color, even if it's just an accent nail. That's where the purple comes in. I personally think that Gray and Purple mix really well together and would have no problem being neighbors if you decided to do an accent nail for either colors.

Browns & Gray's
Essie No Boundaries, Essie Island Hopping, California Colors 33, OPI Rally Pretty Pink

Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Club Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a dark purple holographic. If you're like every other nail addict out there holo finishes are a definite staple in your collection and this is one that you need. Application was amazingly smooth, you can defiantly get away with wearing just one coat. I experienced no streaking or 'bald' spots with or without a base coat. The formula is superb, not too runny or thick and I experienced no staining. I wore this color for 4 days and experienced no chips, only the usually wear at the free edge.

Caparison between Wild at Heart and LOL

Sadly to say, if you are looking for a China Glaze LOL dupe from the 2008 OMG Collection you will be very disappointed. China Glaze Lol has a very pronounced smooth holographic effect, whereas Wild at Heart has a very subtle glitter holographic effect.

Color Club's Wild at Heart was released in Fall 2009 with the Wild at Heart collection. Two years after its debut this shade (and many of the other shades from that collection) is a very easy find. I purchased mine from Premier Nail Source .

I was inspired by this photo that I found on tumblr. I'm not the greatest at painting on thunderbolts but I decided to give it again, here's my take.

I personally like the thunderbolt that I did on my middle finger. I didn't know what color I wanted but I knew for sure I wanted glitter so I pulled out five different glitters! Needless to say this is my left hand, on my right had I did all blue glitter haha.

Friday, September 16, 2011

One of my favorite blues is Essence Trendsetter. I'm not big on royal blues, I love them but I personally don't think they go well with my skin tone. I decided to this blue with China Glaze Treasure Chest. I absolutely love this combo, I actually love glitters with any jelly or high shine creme finish. Essence Trendsetter is also one of my favorites colors for fall. Can you tell I'm so over Summer?

What's you're favorite fall colors?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I finally got my hands on Wet N Wild's Waves of Enchantment from their Mermaid's Cove collection. I've been hunting this down for the longest time. I finally received it in a huge swap that I did. Hawaii really sucks at getting limited edition products from Wet n Wild, which really bums me out because Wet n Wild nail polish's are gorgeous and so unique compared to other drugstore brands.

I am defiantly open to swapping.
Current lemmings:
Wet n Wild 'Tanged in My Web' - On The Prowl Collec.
Wet n Wild 'Correction Tape' - On The Prowl Collec.
Wet n Wild 'Cougar Attack' - On The Prowl Collec.
Fantasy Makers 'Black Magic'
Fantasy Makers 'Nail Glow'
Fantasy Makers 'Creepy Magic'
China Glaze 'Zombie Zest' - Awakening Collec. 2010

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You know how I said that OPI That's Hot! Pink is my all time favorite hot pink? Well, I think I found a new one. This little number is Nyx Pink Strawberry one of the hottest pinks I've ever owned and I am in love! I decided to do an accent nail of Savina's Fairy Dust holo glitter. What's the difference between China Glaze Fairy Dust and Savina's? Well that's a later post :)

On a lighter note, I went to bath and body works the other day and bought my first oil burner (and oils).

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